Jerome Bigge, the author of the WARLADY novels, a series of SF adventures set in the 26th Century, writes:

When Dr. Lorraine Duval, a former Olympic champion
fencer, flew through a GATEWAY in time with her
stepdaughter Sharon, they emerged into a world
far different from our own...  A lawless brutal
world.  A world where the sword now DECIDED who
was to live and who was to die.  Here in this harsh
barbaric alien world, Dr. Duval found her own place!!
A tall golden Empress to serve, to fight for, and too
a country chafing under the rule of the woman who she
had sworn to serve!  If you like Edgar Rice Burroughs,
John Norman, and aren't bothered by the idea of a woman
whose skill with a sword surpasses all others, then you
too will love reading about Lorraine Duval, my "WARLADY"!
Nine complete adventure filled novels now available for
downloading and your reading pleasure...  A tenth soon,
with an eleventh to now complete the series.

NOTE: Due to a "bug" that may occur, files with ".zip" may
download without the ".zip", which you will have to add manually
by renaming the file so that it is "*.zip" in order to open it.

(my Warlady novels (in zip format) range from 269K to about 330K in size)

Download the first WARLADY novel (1/2)

Download the second WARLADY novel (2/2)

Download the third WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download the fourth WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download the fifth WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download the sixth WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download the seventh WARLADY novel (1/1)
Download the eighth WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download the ninth WARLADY novel (1/1)

Download part of the tenth WARLADY novel

Download part of the eleventh WARLADY novel


Download a big zip file (1.5 megs) of warrior women in jpg format!


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"They came to a mountain fastness, seeking a woman truly 'of war'..."
Read the new novels of my NEW Warlady Series!  A series about a Second
American Civil War right here in this our own last decade of the 20th Century!
Stories of a possible "alternative America" that might have come true had
our own history been just a little tiny bit DIFFERENT than what it now is!
Features Hillary Clinton as the President of the United States versus the Warlady as
a revolutionary leader in an "alternative America"... A series of stories that
perhaps some liberals will not care too much for...  But ones that most everyone
else will perhaps enjoy reading... Also please note too that these novels are still
being added to, so keep a book mark for this web page of mine and please visit
once in a while to see what's NEW!  You won't be sorry!

Download the
first WARTIME novel (1/1)(263K)

Download the
second WARTIME novel (1/1)(258K)

Download the
third WARTIME novel (1/1)(277K)

Download the
complete fourth WARTIME novel (1/1)(236K)

My first attempt at "fanfic" based upon S.M. Stirling's "DRAKON"...
Download the
revised fifth WARTIME novel(1/1)(275k)

(posed by Brandi Carrier)

The ARCHON of the "Domination of the Draka"... Darlana von Shrakenberg.
***In "WARTIME 5" & "WARTIME 6" & "WARTIME 7" & "WARTIME 8"***

Some more "fanfic"--- "WARTIME 6", based upon Stirling's "ISLAND IN
Complete, Fifty Three Chapters (345k)

Forty Two Chapters(complete book, 272k)

Forty Seven Chapters(slight changes)(complete book)(258K)

Author's Note and First Three Chapters with more to come.

Author's Note, Forward and First Seven Chapters with more yet to come

Updated: The Issue of National Health Insurance. Where do you stand?
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For those curious, I offer "THE WAY", a non-fiction book
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